View Full Version : Show what's in the boxes!

09-25-14, 08:51 AM
I don't want to buy something from the box I can't see and the thread only shows the old boxes or you have to scroll through pages! More people would buy the box if you showed the prizes on the game in a tab or here in an actual updated post on the first page.

09-26-14, 07:34 AM
Am I missing where these box items are shown besides the 24 page thread and even then I can't find them all or do people not really buy boxes anymore?

09-27-14, 02:47 PM
The 24 pg thread is the only place where ull find a complete or as complete as possible showing as to what is in ea mystery box. The only 1s that dont fall into that category r the most recent 1s. It'll even show u the boxes that've been deleted. Ppl by the droves by mystery boxes. It's 1 of the ways TL makes their money, the sale of gems. Remember u only get 1 item everytime u open the box and some times ppl open the box 4-5 times at 24 gems a pop that's a lot of gems.