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09-22-14, 04:00 PM
Hey guys,
I think we should take a poll on what should TL do to improve this game. Please submit your suggestions and hopefully TL will take notice.

Here are my suggestions:

-Increase the number of farms. We reached the limit (6) at level 13. At level 13, I had 13 animals. Right now I have 95 animals, and yet only 6 farms. Not enough !!
-Increase the number of neighbors we can have. (The cap right now is 2000)
-Increase the number of daily gifts we can receive ( I think this should go up with each level)
-Increase the number of daily gifts we can give back to our neighbors. (Right now limited to 3 gifts/day)
-Increase the runes and mine capacity in our storage (Right now: Runes-whatever needed for next explansion, mines-15)
- Allow us to store animals, habitats etc in our storage
-We need new achievements & goals. I finished mine long time ago. We need new challenges and more rewards.

That's all for now. Please submit yours. We need to make TL take notice and hopefully comply with some of our demands/suggestions.

Have a great week and I hope we get some cute animals this coming Tuesday.

09-22-14, 04:39 PM
My Suggestions:

- be able to move nest tree
- increase daily gifts to 10 or more
- cheaper expansion prices and removal of rocks
- animals with less breeding and evolving time
- more goals and achievements
- have a second nest tree but not cost gems
- have one to two new animals a week
- be allowed to store more things in storage

I hope TL will consider these suggestions.

09-22-14, 08:06 PM
We need all of our active forum members to add their suggestions and put pressure on TL to improve this game. Please keep it short and straight to the point.

kooky panda
09-23-14, 08:14 AM
As I posted on your other thread
The poll option is currently not available. There are some current threads for these items under the Feedback/suggestion forum. You can post your feedback on those current threads.
If there is not a current thread on one of the items, you can start up a new thread.

Please do not start up new threads after a previous thread on the same topic has been closed.