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09-20-14, 02:45 PM
Ok... I am fine with lowering the daubs per boost. But then combining that with increasing the number of keys you can use to open chests and lowering the coins you can win is pretty ridiculous. I used to be able to win enough coins to maintain a steady supply of boxes and keys while being able to use my keys after every game. But now I make fewer coins and am asked to use an average of 15-18 keys after each game instead of 8-10 like it used to be. I end up skipping that part now most of the time which lowers how many tickets I win and therefore reduces the number of games played.

Looks to me like storm8 is trying to get people to buy gems if they want to play the game like they did before. Major bummer.

Lol the thread should say "stop" not top. I just couldn't figure out how to edit the title.

09-20-14, 03:23 PM
What does nerfing mean?

09-21-14, 10:31 AM
What does nerfing mean?

Seriously? No google? There is actually a Wikipedia page on the term.

It means tweaking a game to affect the balance of certain aspects of the game to the detriment of a player who relies on that aspect of the game.

It originates from games that use weapons. A weapon may be considered too powerful and the game developer may reduce it's power thereby turning into a weaker weapon (like a nerf gun). But it has developed into a term that can be used for any game balancing change that has a negative impact.