View Full Version : Tournament Opponent Level??

09-20-14, 09:24 AM
Hi! I was wondering what is going on with the tournament opponent level!? Why/how is this opponent on a level 18?


This opponent is level 16??


09-20-14, 10:47 AM
It's like dragon story, level maximum for our dragons is 10 but the opponents has a maximum level of 20, this happens so the opponent is more difficult to be defeated, since TL was who created Dragon Story and Fantasy Forest Story, they adopted the same system, so the level maximum for our animals is 15, but our opponents maximum level is 20 (I think, I don't quite remember). So yeah, this is normal, it's to turn the tournament more difficult to finish.

09-20-14, 12:03 PM
Yes, when they introduced the Arena to Dragon Story, we saw some opponents at levels 11-14 even though the maximum level for our own fighters was Level 10. TeamLava representatives said it was for additional challenge. When the Tournaments began, opponents in the later rounds went up to Level 20, TWICE the level of our highest dragons. They also looked much bigger on the battleground.

Here in the Fantasy Forest Tournament, opponents also go up to Level 20, but at least players can raise their forest animals to L15..

Don't let the handicap bother you too much. It is partly meant to intimidate you. Of all the factors that contribute to your chances of a Critical Hit, level is the least important. Just try not to be too far under.