View Full Version : What would you do?

09-18-14, 06:19 AM
I currently have multiple quests that require rat tails. I traded with Belladonna just before these came up and depleted my stash. So, I can collect 20 rattails for the Tabernum challenge that states the drop rate on beasts increases. Or I can make 4 hot sauces for the "Ain't No Party Like a Castle Party" challenge. I'm also searching in the dark caves for the Key Scroll, for the 2nd time. How many attempts did it take you to get that scroll?? and if I collect for the Tabernum, will I actually get more rat tails, etc from each beast??? What to do...what to do....:confused:

09-18-14, 06:21 AM
I also got a dragon egg that may hatch sometime in this millenium, if I'm lucky!!:rolleyes:

09-18-14, 07:09 AM
I'd go for the Tabernum because it will help you more in the near future :)

09-18-14, 08:53 AM
Pepe has been my best source, I've been drowning in rats tails since I got him. Almost had kitchens running hot sauce 24/7 at some points.

With regards to which task I'm on 'Ain't No Party Like A Castle Party' myself and based on some opinions with Kaz being the one to return finishing this quest line will enable us to be involved in the update if Kaz does return when the update comes out. At least this is my opinion.