View Full Version : Answered Unintentional item purchase.

09-11-14, 10:45 AM
Today I was going to expand my bakery to a 12?15 using gems. However, I accidentally touched the the Candy Jar item that is next to the expansion choice. Can I get back my gems and return whatever came in that jar? Whatever the reward was, its not something I need.
I would really like my gems back.

Thank you.

09-11-14, 10:50 AM

It is a pest when that happens and it's been done by almost all of us, at least once. Unfortunately accidental purchases, especially boxes aren't reversed or refunded. The best thing would be to do some goals if you are on android. Or cook some dishes to earn gems.

kooky panda
09-11-14, 10:53 AM
I am sorry this happened!

The forum cannot help on this, but you can send an email to support@teamlava.com for assistance.