View Full Version : Could we get some new recipes for the Cocoa Maker?

09-07-14, 11:43 AM
Hi everybody,

Currently, the only recipe we have for the Cocoa Maker appliance in Bakery Story is White Hot Cocoa. While I love the appliance and the recipe it brings (that little red mug is just so cute!), I'd love to see more recipes for it, especially now that cocoa season is coming up! Since ovens have been seeing new recipes added as of late, I'm hoping it's possible that this appliance could also get some new ones :)

Last year in December, Restaurant Story debuted its own Cocoa Maker, with three recipes: Peppermint Cocoa, Cinnamon Cocoa, and Snowflake Cocoa. I'd love to see these ported over if that were possible. Cinnamon cocoa sounds especially delicious :)

If not, here are a few other suggestions:
-Caramel Cocoa
-Pumpkin Spice Cocoa (or even just Spiced Cocoa)
-Marshmallow Cocoa (who doesn't like cocoa with marshmallows? We even have marshmallow stools and a Hot Chocolate Fountain with marshmallows in!)
-Dark Hot Cocoa (hot cocoa with dark chocolate!)
-Orange Hot Cocoa

EDIT: Another idea, Vanilla Cocoa!

09-07-14, 07:50 PM
i think i read once a long time ago that the appliances, other than the basic oven/drink maker, are coded differently so that recipes can't be added later. (i know absolutely nothing about coding, so if it's hogwash, don't expect me to know it.) anyway, so although i very much also wish recipes would be added to existing appliances, they won't be. but we may get a new cocoa maker with some of these recipes, which sound absolutely delicious! well, not the pumpkin one, not my thing.

09-08-14, 12:26 AM
Totally agree! I was surprised to find out they had created an appliance w/just one recipe. Oh, well :-D

09-08-14, 02:08 AM
I agree, the cocoa maker looks lovely, and its so different from the others.