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09-07-14, 07:09 AM
Hi everyone,

I know I saw a thread recently about worst gem purchases but I was wondering what you guys recommend as some of the best. I have an itunes gift card to use so figured I would use it on my castle since I'm really enjoying this game. I have looked through guides and other posts but there is a lot out there and they are usually specific to one category such as "animals" or something else.

I already have an apple, lemons, and orange tree. I am most curious about the mythical creatures and buildings that cost gems. Between purchase and what is saved up I will end up with about 650 to spend. Any advice for which direction to go would be great. I am also a level 32 kingdom if that helps with recommendations.

Thanks everyone and thanks to TL for creating some great games!

09-07-14, 09:47 AM
Personally I love my wizard school. Once it's completely leveled up, you get ten free energy every 4 hours/20 minutes. It's only 200 gems and you can get a maximum of two.

Another building I like is my barracks (can't remember how much gems it was though). If you're getting along fine with just your castle (especially on the limited time events), the barracks may need to go to the bottom of your purchase chooses because it's really not necessary. Personally I like spamming adventuring on both my castle and barracks, but it takes a good supply of food.

I personally like the maple tree (40 gems) and living wood tree (120 gems) over the magic fruit tree (120 gems). I have a good supply of sap (sometimes even syrup) and living wood for building supplies. However, if you're good on supplies and like doing the Magic Fruit Trade in the exchange, I suggest getting the magic fruit tree.

Another purchase to think about is the mithril dragon (400 gems). You'll need a lot of mithril to fully upgrade your deep mine (for a goal in Greselda's line). Lots of people really like their mithril dragon, so it may be a good purchase. I am level 50 and finished most goals (stilling working on sister sister and the newest goal). I do not have a mithril dragon and I seem to be doing fine, I even got all the dragons in the limited time events a few months back.

Really what you purchase just depends on your style of gaming, but I hope this post helps! :)

09-07-14, 10:48 AM
I hope they will add more levels to school so they will give us more energy soon
Love my barracks too..

09-07-14, 12:57 PM
Wizard School, hands down buy both of them and level them up. That extra 20 energy every 3-4 hrs is a god send.

Mermaid pond - this is my second because I was always so short of potions.

I bought a maple tree but now own three due to doing the troll adventure a lot. Its a real pleasure not to have to grow sap trees to maturity before I can chop them. And the occasional syrup is really welcome as I try to do as many Desert Sands adventures as I can (poor unhatched dragon eggs).

My latest purchase was the mithril dragon. I was going for the barracks (360 gems) before I realised the mithril dragon was only 40 gems more. With the trouble I have making enough of everything in my kitchens the dragon was a better purchase for me. Now I no longer have to use 50 silver and 2 days of the forge at a time making mithril.

09-07-14, 01:32 PM
Wizard school for me so far. Ended up buying 2 in a row. Next purchase is up for debate though, going to post about that now in fact.

09-07-14, 01:52 PM
Thanks for all the info! Looks like I will try for wizard school first and then maybe the mithril dragon if I have enough and I think barracks will be in there once I get more gems. I really appreciate the input!