View Full Version : TL, you really need to step up your game

09-06-14, 10:16 AM
Feeling frustrated today and I'm going to release it all in this forum.
Some of us have tried for weeks and weeks to get the crystal unicorn to no avail.
There are about 45 animals so far in this game and that's why we keep getting so many amordillos, ferrets, rockodiles etc. but my question is, why is it so difficult to get other super rares? I'm still missing 8-9 super rares and it seems I can't get them no matter how many times I try. I think TL should increase the odds of super rares at least until they have enough animals to breed so the game doesn't become boring.
Then, we finally get some expansion only to find out we are capped at 31 habitats tops. What the heck is that? Ok I get it TL can't resolve the game level issue yet but stop telling us we need to get to level 31 to buy more habitats. Remove the cap and stop forcing us to upgrade just to get room for one additional animal...
Next, anyone realized that when TL increased the feeding level from 10 to 15, they robbed us blind by lowering the amount of gold the animals were producing? Ex: skyger was to produce 420 at level 10 ( when level 10 was the Max), all of the sudden that amount dropped to 320/ hour, so 100 less per hour and you had to feed skyger to level 15 to get the same amount of 420( though they increased the 420 to 450). Now we all know how much it cost to feed an animal from level 10 to 15....
Other issues:
When I mine, if I get any runes over the amount needed for the next expansion, they don't go to my storage but they disappear. My last expansion needed 20 runes but my last mining would bring me to 21, so I could have used 20 and have one in storage, but nope I couldn't find the 21st rune.
Now we know TL can increase the runes storage limit bc they already did when we were being patient and waiting while TL worked on new expansions...
Next, the issue that many had while breeding unicorn with panda and breeding time went from 20 seconds to 5 hours and then dropped to one hour ( the latter to be sped for 5 gems), is plain outrages... I mean TL please stop acting like your company is being run by amateurs. Seriously, with all the games you guys have, maybe is time to step up your game bc your way of operating so far has been quite disappointing, deceiving and lame to the point that many will refuse to pay anything due to annoyance. Stop underestimating us, because we will make you or break you, being through reviews or funds spend on your games...
At this point, I really don't care if I get a unicorn... Chances are ill stop playing TL games pretty soon due to extreme annoyance.