View Full Version : Gems to open won chests

09-05-14, 05:20 AM
When did you start charging gems to open chests you won in a game!?! If you have the keys, why should I have to "buy" them with gems? Doesn't sound fair to me. :(

09-05-14, 10:47 AM
Sorry to hear that waltbkoz. When you complete a round, you'll be given the chance to open the Chests with your current Keys and Keys gained from your round. However, if you do not have enough Keys, you'll be offered to open the amount of Chests you currently have enough Keys for and then given an option to open additional Chests in exchange for a certain amount of Gems. In order to prevent exchanging Gems for opening leftover Chests, we recommend you select "Skip" on the left side. Hope this helps!