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09-04-14, 08:01 PM
I have been playing FS2 for as long as Androids have been able to so far. I am not liking it better than the original FS at all. I don't really like the 3D setup. It is very irritating. Also I don't like being limited on how many plots I can have. I liked filling my farm with crops and having the option to master crops for gems. I also don't like that this game is so gem-based. Like how expensive it is for a dog. I doubt I will ever get one or any other gem pet with the current prices. Especially since I keep having to use my earned gems for parts, because I hardly ever see parts drop. I don't have the luxury of spending money on games for gems or whatever. I got to level 17, mainly for the extra gems I earned in other TL games for getting to that level. I have not really enjoyed the game in that time for the reasons I mentioned. I don't think I will continue playing this one. I will just stick with mastering the crops I never got around to in FS. Too bad that stopped getting updates :/

09-04-14, 09:19 PM
This game is getting worse all the time. It seems Team Lava is trying to mine this game for money. As we get used to playing the game, Team Lava makes changes that make certain aspects of the game harder to accomplish so the player will use and buy gems to complete these items.

Case in point 1
The luau event. It was going well and we were able to get shears with a reasonable drop rate. Then they created a special pack which included shears, so the drop rate dropped to almost nothing so we would buy gems to use for missing shears.

Case in point 2
Collecting from pets. This was an easy way to get gems quite often when collecting from pets. We also got needed tools and expansion permits from collecting from pets. Now the drop rate of gems and tools when collecting from pets has dropped to almost zero. Again, if you need gems, you will have to buy them because you wont earn them.

Case in point 3
Collecting from butterflies and moles and otters... Again we often got gems from tapping these items... Or turning in collections... Guess what, these gems seem to have dried up too.

Case in point 4
Gem sales are offered to those that are not likely to purchase gems... For example, i play this game on 4 devices, but my ipad is the one that i play most and have the most need for gems. I dont get gem sales here. On my iphone 4 i have this game installed and at level 18. I regularly get gem sales there of at least 20% off.

Case in point 5
Fishing... Whatever fish you tend to have the most of, you will likely catch with the appropriate bait. For instance, with the fancy mardi gras bait, we should get tuna or salmon most of the time. When i have more tuna than salmon, i tend to get tuna most of the time and vice versa when i have more salmon. Again, if you dont get the fish you need (especially since what you have less of will not get caught that often) you would need gems to bypass that fish for recipes...

Again, it seems that Team Lava is trying to get us to spend gems (and buy them at the highest price when needed)

This is encouraging your veteran players to abandon the game. Ive already abandoned pet shop story and other games that cant be further expanded. They are no longer fun and Farm Story 2 is beginning to get tedious and boring and no longer fun.

Please address these items so that the game remains fun...

09-07-14, 08:35 PM
At least you HAVE events! Androids don't have them, and that made the game boring even more. It is Dragon Story all over again. IOS get all the good features while Androids are left in the dust. Androids have more devices than IOS anyway, so I don't get why they think most people have IOS. But yea, I definitely decided not to play this game anymore. I'll stick with the original FS until I master everything. Then just quit.

09-15-14, 10:32 AM
Gem sale on Farm Story 2? I've been playing this game for close to 8 months now and have NEVER had a gem sale..other games I play( mostly Home Design) there is a sale every 4/5 days...same with Pet story....unfortunately with those two games I am at highest levels so I can't grow any larger which make them quite boring now...and FS2 is starting to get too expensive to really enjoy...I have a really good job but I still can't afford to keep playing like this...A sale once in a while would be GREAT for iPad users....PLEASE!!

09-17-14, 03:03 PM
I play fs2 on a android an yes it's become boring. I use to pay for gems but I'm not anymore. Atleast till they make it where android can have the same tasks an games as iphone. I feel if they can make it equal on restaurant an bakery then they should not have a problem making it happen on fs2. I like this game but not if they can't be fair. In my market I gave it a 1 star. If they fix the game then my rating will go up but not till then. I'm not the only one that's mad bc of this. All phones should get treated equal. I'm sure there are others that feel the same way. Maybe we need to have a fs2 black out! Maybe they will listen if they see they going to lose some paying customers.