View Full Version : Invisible Animals for two days now

09-04-14, 01:17 AM
Umm, for two days now I haven't been able to play the game because my exhibits are invisible... except for a few. Is there something that can be done about this? I know that the problem is not on my end because I also play Dragon story, from the same distributor, and I also haven't been able to play that one... But all my other games work just fine.

This is a picture of what my zoo looks like now, and has for two days. (All these empty spaces have animals in them)

kooky panda
09-04-14, 08:31 AM
On your device go to
Settings -Application manager -Zoo Story 2 and hit the Clear data button to see if this helps .

09-04-14, 10:51 AM
If you have a lot of animations in-game, then the game will require more resources from your device and it will take longer to load everything there. You can clear your cache, then uninstall the game, and reinstall the game to see if that helps.