View Full Version : Ads in FFS for other Team Lava games

08-29-14, 04:19 PM
I am pretty sure there are some folks here for whom FFS is their first Team Lava game. Just wanted to let you in on a way to get lots of FREE GEMS:

If you see an icon for another TL game on your screen, click download and then play it for a couple rounds or whatever. A quest will show up saying if you download and play it you get... nothing. BUT! If you download and play the new game, when you return to FFS, it shows that quest as completed and gives you a new quest. The new quest is to buy 1 decoration. If you complete that quest, you get 30 FREE GEMS! Then another quest will show up to get to a certain level in the new game. If this follows the pattern of the same tactic used in Castle Story, the game that got me playing FFS through this exact tactic, then the quest after that one will be to level some more in the new game for no reward, then buy another decoration and get another you 15 gems... and then again, get to a higher level, get another 15 gems.

So just by playing the advertised TL game for a few days, you get free gems in this one! Getting 60 or maybe even more is not difficult. Just takes a few days of the new game. AND you may find a new game to love as well! Or you may delete it as soon as the quests are over. I've done both lol.

So, now you know about the hidden gems in the game (pun intended). Typically once every 2-3 weeks you get the opportunity.

08-29-14, 04:28 PM
Awesome advice! Thanks for letting us know, Zenobia :) Time to go get me some gems... xD