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08-29-14, 11:34 AM
Today I earned two gems while playing bingo Rio collection.I had 45 gems initially.
I have been saving my gems for month to buy tickets when I need them.
When I checked to see if the 2 gems registered which must turn the counter to 47 gems
, lo and behold !! I was utterly shocked to find my counter shown only TWO Gems :mad:
NO I did not use them to daub, boost or anything of that sort, I am very very VERY careful with gems :mad:
And this is not the first game of TL and Storm8 that made me lose gems this way :mad:
yesterday I reported Mystery Crimes Slashing 20 gems of mine as well, and same there I did not use them, but I did not care for those gems while I do care for Bingo gems bcz I only use them to buy tickets, and to be robbed of 45 gems, I advise you to check your games:mad:
This game will join the rest of the deleted games,and no I am NOT contacting the Support to get the usual automated response and nothing else :mad:
I have lost gems also in Home design story, in castle story...( in gem traps)!
Disappointing and down right suspicious that all of your games are losing gems day after day:mad:

08-29-14, 01:30 PM
Sorry to hear about that! Please write an email to support@sharkparty.com and a support agent will look into where your Gems went. Thank you!