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08-29-14, 06:31 AM
TL, I can't buy new habitats. They are locked until I reach level 31. This might be bc I reached my max # of habitats, or maybe just a glitch.... Can you please look into this? I finally have the space to expand ... And I need to buy new habitats. Thanks.

08-29-14, 06:56 AM
It sounds like you've hit your maximum number.

08-29-14, 07:14 AM
Perhaps. You never know with this game. Rules? Glitch? Rules?

08-29-14, 07:24 AM
If you have 31 Habitats (That's the cap if I remember correctly), you can't buy anymore until new player levels come out. You can check your cap by tapping the number in the star on the top left corner and Looking at the second number of the habitats row. If the first number is less than the second, you should submit a ticket.

08-29-14, 09:01 AM
I know the cap is 31 but they need to increase that number ASAP. I'm sure they are working on it and probably soon we'll be able to reach level 31 or they will increase the cap... What's the point of spending 4,000,000 gold on expansion if you cant buy new habitats.
I hope TL will give a quick reply to this with an approx. time or date when we might be able to have more than 31 habitats.

08-29-14, 01:45 PM
I know the cap is 31 but they need to increase that number ASAP. I'm sure they are working on it and probably soon we'll be able to reach level 31 or they will increase the cap... What's the point of spending 4,000,000 gold on expansion if you cant buy new habitats.
I hope TL will give a quick reply to this with an approx. time or date when we might be able to have more than 31 habitats.

Two benefits to having more land available without an increase in habitat limit are:
1. More space to move stuff around; and
2. Ability to upgrade some habitats instead of settling for small ones just so we can have the maximum quantity allowed.

I would certainly enjoy having more habitats, but wouldnt go so far as to say that TeamLava NEEDS to allow more than 31. Not when there are still only 44 types of animals in the game.

08-31-14, 12:47 PM
Ok whatever you say. Team Lava, please remove the cap on habitats. It says it will unlock at level 31 and guess what, I reached level 31 long time ago. So kindly, until you figure out the level glitch, issue or update, kindly don't cap us at 31 habitats. What's the point of spending 1,600,000 per expansion if I can't buy a new habitat? I'm still being forced into selling the animals.
Please,please remove the cap!!!

09-01-14, 06:25 AM
I am ok with 31 habitats, dont want to buy more. Instead, I use my new expansions to upgrade a few to big ones. At least we have more space to place them... And still not enough space to upgrade all to big. So why do you need more habs?

09-01-14, 07:00 AM
Upgrading the habitats is a complete waste of gold. I paid mostly 270,000 for the dark coves. Upgrading will mean I am paying 450,000 for one extra animal and another 5000 in income, when I can buy a small dark cove for 190,000 with the capacity to hold 2 animals and 10,000...
So it doesn't make sense, I rather spend that gold on expansions

09-01-14, 07:17 AM
Well that is true, from this point it seems to be pointless or at least too expensive to upgrade to big ones.

(Actually, since TL dropped their prices at least 2 times yet, it seems to be more "looser thing" to buy big ones when you can buy them for "half price" a weeks later or so.

I tell you what I do now. If you look at my island, you can see I have a lot of (small) dark habitats. I will keep them for a time I am sure, my dark hybrids earn well. (Only electric hybrids are better atm.)

It is a smart thing to keep all animals in that habitat which hold more money. For example, all dark-red hybrids of mine go to dark habitats instead of red ones.

Now I am minimizing the other habitats as well. I have now 3 small water habs, I upgrade two of them to big ones, putting the 6 water animals sitting in the small ones, so then I can sell one small water hab (and buy instead perhaps a lighting one).

So now, I upgrade other habitats(green, water) that I will need the "minimum piece" from them where I can store my non-dark and non-electric animals. And buying better habitats, as I said perhaps starting an electric business.

09-01-14, 09:02 AM
I don't have any red habitats at all... Sold them and sold my cute little pony also. Hopefully will buy one once TL decides to do something about our experience levels or when they remove the cap of the # of habitats we have. I mostly have the dark coves also... I might consider to upgrade the electric habitat and sell the 2nd small one, so I may buy another dark cove... I'll see later this week

09-01-14, 09:41 AM
Small nature cap is 1800, big is 5000. Small rock is 2300, large is 7500. I would agree with all of you except for one thing. You are losing money by not up grading those two. If you always check less than two hours then you are fine with small nature, rock, and fire. If you work, sleep, or pay attention to your kids, you will lose money with those smalls, as they will fill up too fast. The total cost of ownership will show you losing money over time.

I think it all depends on how often you check you habitats. It you are constantly on then small habitats are the way to go. If not you might want a few large ones for the low income habitats. I have 4 large nature and 4 large rock. 1 large fire. The rest are small.

Now if you really want to complain, complain about grand habitats. 500 gold each, lmao. Will anyone ever buy one?. Totally stupid.

09-03-14, 08:43 AM
The following housing plan allows 45 unique animals to live in 18-20 habitats.

Mind you, I'm not suggesting you should restrict yourself to one of each type of animal, or to 20 habitats. Nobody wants to sell off their extra supers or ultras, or even rares. There are all kinds of reasons why we keep duplicates and try to have as many habitats as possible. I'm just playing devil's advocate, as TeamLava will dismiss any pleas for more habitats with the argument that we have more than enough to house at least one each of the 45 current animals

1 Big Fire Field for 3 (Pyro Pony, Fairy Ferret & Jackalope).
1 Big Nature Preserve for 3 (Vinotaur, Solar Simian & Pandaffodil).
3 Big Earth Plateaus for 9 (Grassquatch, Ancient Sloth, Magmacore, Bamboon, Rampage, Volcamel, Planther, Armordillo & Rock Rhino).
1 Big & 3 Small Water Ways for 9 (Glacial Griffin, Hydro Yak, Ocean Owl, Iciclaw, Rockodile, Aquatter, Rainguin, Turtisle & Frostfang).
2 Big & 5 Small Dark Coves for 16 (Sea Drake, Gargolem, Aurora Pegasus, Cosmic Phoenix, Onyx Ox, Twilight Troll, Chameneon, Dream Bat, Peamoth, Spruce Moose, Ember Bear, Chromadile, Racmoon, Planther, Firefox & Skyger).
1 Big Electric Enclave for 3 (Daredevil, Fire Glider & Lightning Leopard).
1 Small Gem Grove for 2 (Emerald Dragon & Crystal Unicorn).

As an alternate to upgrading an Electric Enclave, one can build a second small Enclave. Another alternate would be to add a small Nature Preserve for the Jackalope and put the Fire Glider in the Fire Field.

Consider 2 Gem Groves instead of 1. A pair of these animals at level 9 or beyond will flood the habitat in 5 hours or less.

09-03-14, 08:59 AM
Although I have only 32 of the 45 animal types, I'm planning for the long run.
My current plan includes 31 habitats with a 1:2 ratio of big to small.

1 Big Fire Field
2 Big & 2 Small Nature Preserves
3 Big Earth Plateaus
1 Big & 3 Small Water Ways
1 Big & 10 Small Dark Coves
1 Big & 2 Small Electric Enclaves
1 Big & 4 Small Gem Groves

I have all of these built already except for the Big Electric Enclave and Big Gem Grove, these last two being quite unnecessary for now, and way beyond my current budget. I'm no longer a Fantasy Forest millionaire. LOL