View Full Version : Are Newer Creatures Eating More?

08-25-14, 05:29 PM
In my ongoing comparions of diets and income brackets, I noticed that Volcamel eats considerably more than Rampage and Bamboon at every level. All three are rares and have identical incomes. All the common Earth-Nature & Earth-Fire hybrids have identical diets and income. The same is true for all the super-rare Earth-Nature & Earth-Fire hybrids.

Is this a pattern with new arrivals? Jackalope's diet and income seems identical to Solar Simian's (same color type and rarity), and Emerald Dragon's is identical to Crystal Unicorn's. But what about those creatures who were introduced more recently?

Dark-Fire super-rares: Does Onyx Ox chomp more apples than Cosmic Phoenix?
Dark-Nature rares: Is Spruce Moose munching more than Peamoth?
Water-Earth rares: Is Rockodile greedier than Iciclaw?

Please compare the above pairs if you have them.
Let us know what the earnings and food requirements are for Ox, Moose & Rockodile

08-25-14, 05:44 PM
My Rockadile & Iciclaw both want 40 food at lvl 4.