View Full Version : I miss battlegrounds!

08-24-14, 01:16 PM
Now it's a week ago I completed all levels in BattlesGround, and I must say that I really miss updates for this game in the Fantasy Forest!
Here was a place where you could win a little extra food, money and Gems. BattleGrounds gave therefore Fantasy Forrest an extra demension, which helped to provide tension and unforeseen events. Without this, Fantasy Forest is frankly getting a bit boring and I can feel that my interest is decreasing day by day. Pressing Battlegrounds says that new levels are coming soon, but when is it?
I understand TL probably try to maintain a certain anticipation and excitement for the players, but it can also be too slow!
You should probably also be able to get further than level 30 in Fantasy Forest?!
The game must - like the animals - evolve! If not, it's ending up dying quite soon for many players, I think....

08-24-14, 11:10 PM
I completely agree with you. I've mentioned on another thread that the battlegrounds was the main reason why I stayed on FFS for hours growing pears and visiting neighbors, so that I can battle as soon as my energy recharged (for prizes and the animals). And I've also been "drifting" away from the game now since all I do is plant and harvest 8hr food or breed. I really do hope they add new levels VERY soon or at least tell us when they will release them. Instead of releasing new animals that will take me forever to get (and get overwhelming like DS) TL could really focus on other aspects of the game.

08-25-14, 07:00 PM
I feel the same! I just emailed support about it, haven't heard back yet. Here's hoping....