View Full Version : Ridiculous price inflation means I am earning slower than Restaurant Story!

08-22-14, 09:31 AM
So I started Bakery Story and Restaurant Story at the same time. I understand they are not the same game but I believe the inflation on Bakery Story is getting ridiculous.

It is impossible or at least takes forever (without gems) to earn enough money to expand my bakery to the way I want it if I also want to complete the monthly challenges. Currently, I am two expansions behind the size of my Restaurant Story game.

Also, on Restaurant Story, even though I have less money and money earned for each item is less, the purchasing power of the money is WAY beyond the money on Bakery Story. The furniture, wallpaper, etc. are all priced way lower than on Bakery Story.

I understand the game creators need to earn money from people buying gems but please make the two games at least fair! It is so hard to earn money on Bakery Story to the point where it would take years to be able to expand to the size I want my shop.

Also, I am 3, almost 4 levels behind on BS compared to RS because again, Restaurant Story contains newer items as you get to higher levels that have WAY more XP points rewarded.