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08-19-14, 09:52 PM
Okay so I just finished the tournament, and at this moment I'm highly upset about something. I decided to purchase gems so I could play the tournament again to "get a better score". I even used 21 gems "per round" for the auto daubs and I just couldn't believe my eyes. Each new round yielded only 1 bingo out of the 8 cards I played. Seriously?? Only 1 bingo?? After I wasted my gems, I noticed that my new score was significantly lower that my previous score. There's people on the leaderboards top 3 that has a score of 100,000+, but I barely break 2,000. How is that possible?? I looking at the leaderboard right now and the person in second place only played 8 cards but yet they have a score of 55,198 but I played 24 cards and I have a score of 2,082. What's really going on? Can someone explain it to me because I'm confused. How are these people getting those REDICULOUS scores?

08-20-14, 05:12 PM
Using the Auto daub feature will not increase your chances of getting a higher score. Using that feature will just help you as you won't need to go through every single card yourself to tap to daub the numbers. Certain Boosts will help you get a better score such. For example, sometimes you may get one such as the Free Daubs boost that will help you get more Bingos.

09-23-14, 02:44 PM
Auto daub is the worst thing you can get if you want a high score. You get more points for more numbers daubed. You also get bonus points for more bingos on each card. auto daub immediately closes a card after 1 bingo is indicated so it hurts your score by reducing total bingos and reducing total daubs (since after a card is closed, numbers called afterward are not daubed on that card)

As far as people getting the outrageous scores? No idea how they do it. Even with speeding the boosts and using the 5 more numbers at the end of each round, you pretty much need full coverage on the cards to get those high scores. My guess is that they are spending more gems than they are winning. Some people's egos need to be boosted by being on a game's leaderboard for the day regardless of how economically idiotic it is. You will also see a variation on highest possible score attainable depending on what the winning patterns are. A "normal" game, for example, has 14 possible bingos per card. But if the winning pattern is the 2x2 box, there are 16 possible bingos per card thereby increasing the highest possible score. If its both the 2x2 box and the normal winning patterns combined, you have 30 possible bingos.