View Full Version : Please allow players to block Parts that ask & send as gifts by neighbors

08-18-14, 01:08 PM
I play RS for a while. I couldn't bear those selfish, inconsiderate and unreasonable neighbors who keep asking for Parts; some of them sent food for a few times since beginning to be their neighbors then requested parts via different methods at later time and, some only want to get parts (never ever sent food and/or tipped at all). If writing on their walls to just let them know what I want and don't want...I got insulted, removed/blocked by them. Before they invited me or I added them, I'd already written on my wall very clearly what type of neighbors I'm looking for but very few could actually pay attention. Therefore, I had a lot of regrets after adding those people I mentioned above.

I really hope I/we (RS players) can be able to block Parts Requests or Parts Gifts in case again added a wrong neighbor one more time.

08-18-14, 05:13 PM
Just decline the gift if you don't want or can't use it.

08-18-14, 07:09 PM
U can always remove the NBR from ur NBR list and then u won't have to worry about them sending u parts anymore.

08-19-14, 04:06 AM
meme1098 : of course, I can decline those parts gifts or requests but don't you find it's irritating when you have had to do it again and again? It's not just only one part gift/request at a time.

ElaineCarrel : However, most players ask for parts. Then, I left only a few neighbors that just send food/tips that can't able to expand my restaurant, how..?

08-19-14, 04:14 AM
I'm just thinking of a long-term method to get rid of those irritating things.

10-12-14, 12:50 PM
Don't you ever need to send requests for parts? If yes, then why be annoyed by other ppl doing the same thing?

11-11-14, 06:35 AM
I'd rather get parts then food gifts ! I get annoyed by ppl sending me food ! The more parts I get daily the less I have to beg for later ! ����

11-11-14, 06:53 AM
Just delete the neighbours you don't want and look for neighbours who gift food and tip, it can take awhile to find neighbours who play the way you play but they're out there. Not everyone finds the same things important in the game. Personally I find tipping is a waste of time, I also think food gifts are a waste of time. I like parts so I have neighbours who like parts also and who don't worry about tipping like me. Every now and again I'll have a neighbour sending me food, I gift them in like and move on. It doesn't bother me, I've been playing this game a long time so I don't sweat the small stuff. I enjoy all the things I find fun about the game. As for requesting parts, well that's part of the game. You can't build certain things without requesting parts from your neighbour, I like when I get requests from my neighbours. I know they are active and progressing in the game, I usually try to also gift the part they are requesting so they get two parts instead of just one. Without our neighbours we wouldn't have the nice restaurants we have, they helped us build it!

11-11-14, 06:53 AM
I can understand the parts as gifts things, but why would you want to block people from sending you parts requests? It doesn't take away anything from you, and that's kind of what neighbors are for. If not for item requests, then you may as well just play the game solo, as you can cook your own food and the tips don't give you THAT much income.

11-11-14, 07:42 PM
If you block players to block parts, how are you gonna accumulate parts for appliances? I hardly ever have to send requests for parts unless it's a brand new part since I have a good number in storage from neighbors gifting me those parts. I have from 150-200 of each of the basic parts so I'm always ready for goals. I also try to get as many of the others as I think might be used at any given time.