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08-17-14, 12:08 PM
I got a new iPad for my birthday!!(woot woot). I downloaded all games on my iPad and when I try to create an ID it says this ID is already in use. I've tried...jumper..helper..bebe..Cece..dede...3three3 to name just a few. I can't wait to play dragon, castle, restaurant, bakery on my new device!! Please advise.

08-17-14, 01:46 PM
So happy birthday then :)

In dragon story, you have to tap on the storm8-icon in the top-right corner -> account settings -> Log in to another account.
There you can enter your FORMER account data (username + password). In case, you didnt set a password yet, you'll have to log in on your old device and set a password first.

After your old account runs on your new device, you'll need to send me your old iPad ;-)

08-18-14, 11:10 AM
Storm8 IDs are unique, so if you're getting a message that says the ID is already in use, it means that ID has already been taken. If you're trying to create a brand new Storm8 ID, you'll need to pick something that hasn't been used before.

For more details on transferring an existing account to a new device, please visit this link. (http://support.storm8.com/entries/23732810) :D