View Full Version : Deco sizzing - Not realistic

05-24-10, 12:53 PM
I loved the game, nice relax and now that I have some cash, I can get involved with plot desing.

If you go from the fact that the barn and the house would be the master piece, some items like the feeder, bench and outhouse are way off proportion. (using plow plot as 2x2)

- The bench and feeder should take the same spacing ans sizing of the wood pile (1x2).
- The outhouse should be 1x1.

Some more building suggested would be: chicken coop, dog house, other house style.

You offer the fence facing two direction, it would be nice for the woodpile, hedge, bench and feeder to be offer in the two facix direction (2x1 & 1x2).

Ultimitaly you should be able to select the facing on all items. But hey can't have evrything at the beginning.

05-24-10, 01:31 PM
... flower bed to put along alley's