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08-11-14, 10:18 AM

I recently got the large trove as a reward. Should I click on it or save it? In other games in the past I have used things and then regretted it later.
Actually, I used a golden apple in this game to do the gem trade in the royal exchange and now I'm reading in the forums that the Golden Apples are
needed for something else. Ah well. Any advice is greatly appreciated on this and for anything else I should save.

id storenkaos for adds

08-11-14, 03:43 PM
Well it really depends on what you have in stock. Here' what you get:
Large trove
5 Gems,
15 energy,
5 trade tickets,
6250 coin,
15 energy,
1 of each golden apple, egg, nugget, and
1 spicy feast

Some reports from my neighbours getting a diff feast, but same for rest. I'm saving mine as I'll lose out on the trade tickets cause I have over 99. As long as you keep a couple of spare golden apples if you have lots, then use them by all means if it helps you get gems. I do that from time to time. Sounds like your keen to keep it to me! :)

08-11-14, 04:58 PM
Thank you sooo much for the reply.