View Full Version : Is this the highest War score ever?

08-05-14, 11:43 PM
A player sent me this screenshot as that is not my base lol. I didn't participate in this war, but I thought it was insanely impressive for both teams scoring over 100k! If you can't see the attached screenshot, it was Moo Mayhem 134k vs Revenge of the Fallen 126K.

Has any alliance ever top that? Please post screenshots!

08-06-14, 08:24 PM
That's amazing. I mean I've heard of a couple with 80 K but nothing like this, wow :mad::cool:
It's too bad they don't have a war stats list, or a standings list. Would give people goals to shoot for...like top 50. Instead of just hopping around.

09-02-14, 07:04 AM
Mad cOOl its awesOme. I saw diz