View Full Version : Answered Game reset itself to level one

08-04-14, 10:35 PM
I opened my game today and there was a banner that I didn't really pay attention to. Maybe it said the game had been updated. I closed that box and the game started on level 1. I was on level 265 I think. All of my progress is gone 😳

08-05-14, 01:08 AM
This made all of my team lava games reset to level one and I had to open the Pool Game and start at level one as a guest so I could sign back into my storm8 ID. That worked for all my other games. Then I went back to try bubble mania again and got that same banner. It says "tap to refresh" which is what I did the first time.

I closed the app without tapping to refresh since I'm afraid if I tap it again my phone will forget my storm ID again. Please fix this so I can play Bubble Mania again.

Thank you

08-05-14, 10:19 AM
I'm glad to hear you were able to get back into your game! Tapping the refresh message in Bubble Mania won't reset your progress, so if you have logged back into your device, you should be able to tap the message and resume popping bubbles! :)