View Full Version : How long to upgrade farms?

08-03-14, 03:58 AM
Wondering how long it takes to upgrade the farms and whether or not it is worthwhile, i.e. how much food can be grown for how much coin in what time, etc.
Space is at quite the premium, as is food, so not sure if it's worth it to upgrade now or if I should wait a bit.

Only started playing a day and a half ago... Anyone know what's what with upgrading farms?

Thanks for any and all help! :)

08-03-14, 06:13 AM

I posted this table recently:

Cost per Apple
Apples per Hour

Rune Prune 20 700 13000 18.6 35

Mystic Mango 8 325 4000 12.3 40.6

Spell Melon 5 225 3200 14.2 45

Mana Banana 1 50 650 13 50

Nexus Nuts 5 800 75000 93.75 160

Charm Cherries 1 300 26000 86.67 300

Power Pear 0.05 20 120 6 400

Aura Apples 0.008 6 30 5 720

So in my opinion, the big farm makes sense because you can have 5 or 8 hour fruits that you can use when you are not playing for a longer while. The grand farm offers the nexus nuts and charm cherries. I would not buy it again at the moment because it was quite pricey and the fruits are very expensive too - I just couldn't find the information anyway and wanted to find out what was offered there. The grand farm might be more interesting for someone with a crystal unicorn (not me :( ) and more coins than they know what to do with.

I have a lot of animals and not enough space, so I have one grand farm, one big farm and the rest is just 4 small farms - that's enough for me, I'm not planning to upgrade any of the smaller farms at the moment.

About the building time: I don't remember exactly but I think the grand farm took 8 hours to build - or something like that.