View Full Version : Answered Bug in Level 354

08-02-14, 04:47 AM
Why didn't swiping the two diamonds clear the screen and end the game in this case?

I've found this bug in other levels as well, where you expect that swiping two diamonds will clear the screen. It's understood that in a digging level it will only clear what's currently on the screen.

08-04-14, 11:00 AM
Hi koetsub,

Swiping the two diamonds will clear the Jewels and break the Glass Tiles but breaking the Glass Tiles will reveal more Volcanic Tiles.

On level 354, you also need to break 22 Rock Tiles in order to complete the level. On the second picture, you only broke 21/22 of the Rock Tiles. You just needed one more Rock Tile in order to complete the level.

08-13-14, 05:25 PM
Hey Ebils,

But this is a digging level, so 21/22 indicates the level to which you have reached, it does not indicate the number of rock tiles to be broken, whatever they are. What is a "rock tile", and a "volcanic tile"? This is the first reference I have seen to those terms.

Note that in the first picture the indication is 19/22, meaning you have dug 19 meters down, and there are 3 meters to go to complete the level, which is consistent with the picture.

BUT, note the following picture. It says 20/22, when in fact there are 3 meters to go. It should instead say 19/22.