View Full Version : Expanding w neighbors

08-01-14, 04:25 PM
In my design tab under expansion I see that I need 40 neighbors to expand. I now have 40 neighbors however, now the number of neighbors required to expand has gone up to 45. Why does the required number of neighbors increase when I hit that goal and should be able to expand? Bait and switch...... Not very happy about it. Does anyone know why this is?

08-01-14, 04:39 PM
You can either buy expansions with coins or gems. To buy with coins, you need to meet neighbor and level requirements. First, the level requirement is listed. Once you meet that, the neighbor requirement is listed (in your case, 40). Once the level requirement is listed, the coin cost is listed.

Multiple expansions are listed, and in your case, the next expansion after the one requiring 40 neighbors requires 45 neighbors.

Its been like this since Day 1. It has confused many.

08-07-14, 03:17 PM
Totally confusing because since I've met my 40 neighbor requirement, there are no greater neighbor requirements. Only coins and gems now. So I am assuming that since I have reached 40 neighbors that I can expand with coins or gems and have no further neighbor requirements.

08-09-14, 02:01 PM

Ur assumption is correct. From this point on it's only going 2 cost u coins or gems and the coin prices will increase w ea expansion.