View Full Version : Neighbor Detection And Gifting

08-01-14, 12:43 PM
Three things-

One is, along with the new block feature, it would also be nice if, when you delete a neighbor, all your posts would disappear from their wall. This would possibly discourage any future harassment. Sometimes they don't get the hint! Also, on a different note, the news feed is an extremely poor way of monitoring neighbor visits and some of us would like to, since the game IS give and take. We would like to know when a neighbor has been by when they fail to post. Is there anyway for TL to program a feature for this? Maybe a color coded check list of sorts. The neighbors that visit you could have a green check beside their name. And lastly...
The whole gifting thing has really frustrated a lot of people and put a lot of people off. When building an oven, your able to click on the oven and request parts from your neighbors. I think the game would be much more enjoyable if you were able to do that period, with gifting. Instead of having to hope your neighbor sends you what you ask for or having to post tons of requests on your neighbors walls, it would be easier just to click on a part that would bring up your neighbors list, and you could send out a request. First 20 to answer gets to gift you, as usual. This game has just become so time consuming. As cute and as fun as it is, I'd love to stick with it, just needs a couple tweaks. :-)

08-14-14, 08:29 AM
I love those ideas!

08-16-14, 04:52 AM
Been trying to get them to take care of the gifting thing forever. gifting and tipping are so time consuming. Neighbors just quit doing it after a while. I can't say I blame them, but it's part of the game, so they need to come up with a better system. :-/

09-07-14, 09:46 AM
If there was a way to keep track of neighbors too, relative to food/part preference check system and/or way to keep track that they stop by, respond to gift requests, tip or gift that would help. For example a box you could check with F or P headings and R/T/G boxes to help those who have lots of neighbors keep track. Another idea is that if the order in which the neighbors are listed (apart from Stormie of course!) was from active to least active instead of alphabetical that would help (though I'm guessing others like the alphabetical listing). Just my 2 cents for ideas to make it easier to manage lots of neighbors.