View Full Version : Answered Maximum number of realm runes?

07-30-14, 12:37 AM
Is it possible that you can only have 20 realm runes in your storage?
Because I had 20 runes last night and when I tried to keep mining, I found 2 or 3 more rewards, consisting of 0x rune, 50 food or 2000 gold.. But no more runes!

07-30-14, 11:06 AM
Sorry for the confusion! At the moment, 20 Realm Runes are the maximum that you can have in your storage. :)

08-06-14, 01:21 PM
This is true, and what it means is that if there is no place left to expand to, you are so out of luck.

Apparently there is a limit of 15 explosives as well, so if you have expanded as far as possible, you are throwing away the possibility for Explosives and Runes as the reward for hatching an egg. That was the only reward that I have found in this game which comes to a dead end as soon as you open that last expansion square.

Not fair TL. The storage is for TL's use. With the exception of the pathway, players cannot use the storage to store our stuff. We just lose it. Unfair but I don't see TL giving any indication of making what on the face of it are game tools, such as the storage or neighbors who you can't contact into tools for the players to use!

Why bother dangling a storage area in front of us if we can't even store animals and habitats on a temporary basis so we can redecorate? Why have a mine that continues to allow you to mine but you get no runes if you have played the game well and expanded to the limit? We are penalized for success. At least put an out of order sign on the mine when the maximum of 20 runes are reached. And let people know that the same holds true with explosives as with runes except for the limit of 15.

Sad Karma TL.

What skin would it take off your teeth to allow us to continue to play the game without these hidden penalties for spending money and time playing your game?

What would it hurt you to allow us to store animals and habitats in the yes...place called STORAGE?

There is absolutely no room for personalization other than our Forest Name and until we find we need the room to squeeze in habitats to have room for out animals, we can lay down a few paving stones, which need to be removed to enlarge habitats and farms. There is no choice about anything at all in this game but breeding and that is also in TL's control, not ours.

My battleground is closed, my mine useless, and I don't know how many dud breedings I have not only sold for $100 but the explosives I earn are no longer banked because I long ago reached the limit of 15.

Is this the end of the game TL? Did you toss this out there to troll for unsuspecting players to bilk of money for gems because every step in this game requires not only money but a wait of many hours is the norm as well as the exorbitant monetary outlay for everything from removing a shrub to a half a day's wait AFTER you earn hundreds of thousands to millions of TL $ buying or updating a habitat that we spend between hours to over two days waiting first for the mating to take? Then once again for the egg to hatch we duplicate the mating wait, and yet again and again for food to Level up our animals for breeding?

Do we see the common theme here?

Is this one elaborate gem trap, given a name advertised as a game, and all there is?

This game has a lot of potential, TL, but at this point it is not a game in any real sense of the word, especially when a player advances to have expanded and battled to the end.

Please do something positive and very soon TL. This is not up to the quality I have encountered in other TL games, with the exception of the awesome animal graphics. I haven't played most but the others can be played and make sense, at least the short times I played all but a few. I don't see even a story line in this game.