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07-29-14, 12:23 PM
I have a regular dragon egg I'm trying to hatch and I'm at the point of Raw Materials and I need a large diamond. I have two extra large diamonds from my treasure troves from the Pyre Adventures from May and was hoping to use one of these diamonds. However, the game is not letting me use one of them. The Raw Materials step says I have to "Find 1 Large Diamond." I am I correct that I can't use these diamonds to hatch the egg and have to find a new one? I'm not in a rush to hatch it since I don't have a burning ember yet anyway and have the Pyre Adventure dragons. Could I use the diamond for any future dragon eggs I might get?

07-29-14, 12:52 PM
For future dragons you don't need another diamond; just an egg, ember and 10 lumin essence. But you never know, those large diamonds may come in use one day...

07-30-14, 01:09 AM
CrazyLadyIL, Diamonds can be found in the Deep Mines..might take a couple weeks, or you might get lucky :)
And you're right, those already in your inventory will not count toward the quest :/