View Full Version : Help from neighbours

07-26-14, 12:40 PM
I've never had a problem getting help from my neighbours until this week when I requested ointment. I seem to be stuck on 43 replies but with 92 neighbours and 3 or 4 different requests this seems odd. Could there be a glitch? I am desperate to have Pepe and have everything else ready to finish the quest. Any advice would be appreciated.

07-26-14, 01:13 PM
I used the recent caravan quest to trim my neighbours, I sent out 20 requests and if someone didn't reply with the 24 hours, I removed them, then sent out requests to the next 20 neighbours, and repeated, so by the time I got through my neighbours, it took 6 days of the task, I removed about half of my neighbours, I know that I may have removed some who were on holiday, or had some other reason for not responding straight away, but I also removed a lot of people who will have stopped playing.
Until their is an option to filter neighbours by 'last logged in' date order, then this is probably the best compromise.
I don't see an advantage to having a massive list of neighbours, I am quite happy to have it around the 40 to 50 area.