View Full Version : Victorian Pavilion - Make it a RETRO PURCHASE ITEM please?

07-25-14, 03:54 AM
Hi S8 Team,

MANY MANY CONGRATS on the wonderful Farm Story 2. I'm totally addicted to it by now!
And as a professional Graphic Designer, I've done many revisionS to my farm's layout and decor designs.
Much better compared to Zoo Story 2, there's are better animated graphics and OPTIONS to play with.

And the best part is that you guys keep expanding on it for the awesome better play.

HOWEVER I noticed on some players' farm - The Victorian Pavilion. WOW, it's so awesome beautiful.
I assumed there were past items offered, I've never seen them before even though I'm 394 days on farm.

Could I suggest your team to make that an available item to purchase since you already had the graphic created.
I would really love to decor it as part of my Farm layout design.

Do check out my farm design and give me your constructive comments and reviews!
Will there be a BEST FARM LAYOUT competition soon? I'll want to take part in it... haha


Hill Street (lvl 45)
Add me at KFHSXW