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07-23-14, 03:48 PM
On my arctic isle, I have 2 Ice Age Alcoves. The one original and one, I've built on my own.
Both have a part capacity of 12.

And now, here's my problem:
The original Alcove seems to have 250 part lost in space anywhere. Everytime, it runs full, I'm told, that I could collect 262 Parts (12 +250).
My Silo runs full and I can use it in Fire Crucible.
But when I go back to main isle and then return to arctic isle, those 250 Ancient Oil are gone again, and the crafting did never start

Anyone had this problem before?
How can I get rid of those 250 ancient oil?

edit: I'm trying to build a new habit and sell the old one. Maybe it helps

07-23-14, 04:49 PM
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're forwarding your information to our team.

07-23-14, 04:52 PM
I did but no one responded (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?70176-Arctic-Isle-ice-age-alcove-sparkle-glitch)

I either force closed or reinstalled and it went away.