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07-22-14, 05:47 PM
I received an email saying this case was sorted. It is not. I uninstalled the game and reloaded as per your advice. The game has loaded with my 187 credit intact but the same thing is happening. I have invested lot of time and more importantly money into this game. I am getting quite pinged off at this situation. It has now been about two weeks since I tried to sort this issue out. My storm ID is pianorobyn. I have an Iphone3. IOS 6.1.6. It has 9.38gig free on it. I deleted a bunch of apps - mostly team lava games so you have lost income there as well. And Candy Blast Mania is my issue. Game level 354 opens, is immediately glitchy (i.e. cannons won?t shoot, candy won?t move) for about 5 seconds - then the app shuts down. Every single time. I have had no problems to this point of time wasting on this game And I have no other game problems. So the issue is not my phone it is your game. I took a screen shot to prove my credit/levels as I had a feeling I was going to be jerked around. I would appreciate your assistance with getting the game restored to working order.

[S8] Elsa
07-22-14, 06:17 PM
Please continue working with support regarding your issue. Please note that discussing support tickets on the forum isn't permitted. Thank you for understanding.