View Full Version : Fixed What happened to my finished levels?!? (From 264 back to 132)

07-22-14, 02:48 AM
Hello there. Just a while ago, I already reached level 265 (finally finished Ram's Stone Island after buying more energy) but when I opened my app, i'm back to Sharptooth Surf. What gives? I just feel cheated out of the time and effort I gave in all those levels. Sucks big time.:mad:

07-22-14, 04:43 AM
Same thing happened to me just now. Yesterday I was somewhere around level 367, but today I am on 271. I have restarted my device a couple of times and even deleted and reinstalled the game, all to no avail. Hope it's an issue that can be fixed on TL's end.

07-22-14, 11:19 AM
We're sorry to hear about this! Our team is currently investigating this issue.

07-22-14, 01:32 PM
I was on level 389 on iPhone. After latest update it put me on level 259. Why?

07-22-14, 03:20 PM
Same issue here. Dropped from 202 to 145.

07-22-14, 07:37 PM
It's back. Dunno how you fixed it but you did. Thanks Teamlava! :D

07-23-14, 02:34 AM
Mine did not come back. I am still at 271 when I should be somewhere around 367. I have deleted and reinstalled the app a couple of times, trying to see if that would help. Could that be the problem?

07-23-14, 12:04 PM
I'm now back to Level 367. Thanks!

07-23-14, 01:33 PM
Mines fixed too!
Thanks guys!

07-30-14, 10:04 PM
Having the same problem as above except kicked back from level 124 to 113. Worked through the levels again only to be kicked back to 113 again. Also lost gems. This has happened 4 times.