View Full Version : Answered Gold habitat timer resets when adding 2nd dragon

07-20-14, 05:55 PM
I noticed this today adding the GoldLeaf dragon. It seems like the timer for gold gets affected when a second dragon is placed in one of the new 5 gold habitats. Whatever gold accumulated in the habitat stays, but the new growing gold bar resets.

I had three gold nests lined up and collected from all at the same time. When I hatched my gold leaf, its new habitat had one gold brick and I didn't collect it. Shortly afterward, I noticed that the collect icon had popped up on the other two habitats but not on the habitat with gold leaf. It still only had 1 gold bar. The collect icon only comes up if you have two or more gold bars. WTF came to mind. This habitat if anything should be way ahead of the other two with the extra gold growing grunt! Then I realised what could have happened and how I must have lost 0.9 of a gold bar when I put GoldLeaf in the habitat.

I guess the same must happen if you send a dragon to the spa or evolution chamber.

07-20-14, 08:41 PM
It's not just the 5 gold habitats that do that...I've had that problem with the 10 gold habitats. When I get a new treasure dragon I've been putting it into its own habitat, but I won't be able to do that with the next one if they don't increase the habitats as I have 5 treasure dragons and only 3 habitats.

And yes, it does happen when evolving too.

07-21-14, 12:11 PM
The amount of gold that your Gold Dragons can collect in a day depends on the level of your dragon. A lower level Goldleaf Dragon won't be able to make as much gold as your higher level dragons. Your timer doesn't reset when a new dragon is placed, but it does change how long it takes to accrue the gold you are able to collect on the habitat. You can tap on the individual dragon in the habitat to see the rate of gold it makes in a day. Hope that helps!

07-22-14, 05:30 PM
Sorry meowmeowbean, but I'm not sure that answers my issue. To simplify the situation I have gold habitat A and B. Both have one epic gold producing dragon in it, and the collect icon always comes on at the same time since I collect from both. I hatch Gold leaf and put it into habitat A which has 1 gold bar (do does habitat B). I would now expect habitat A with 2 dragons to display the collect icon earlier than habitat B. It's actually the opposite. Habitat B displays the icon on cue, but habitat A is still on 1 gold bar. It's like putting Gold Leaf in the habitat discarded any incomplete gold bars. It sounds like midnightmeerkat can confirm the behaviour.

on top of this I noticed some missing gold too this morning. Last night I collected from habitat A just after the collect icon came up and had (not my true gold count) lets say 3 gold in total. I accepted a friends gold gift to make my total 4 before bed. When I woke up and logged in again, my total is 3! Is this a glitch from my collection from the habitat? Habitat A has 2 dragons but gold leaf is evolving right now.

07-22-14, 06:18 PM
I'm sorry to hear that! Please contact support@teamlava.com so that a support agent can assist you.