View Full Version : Helping lower level players

07-19-14, 05:38 PM
I've been on this game for years now so even the most recent quest isn't a big thing I'm more then halfway done then I'll spend a week refilling. But a lot of the lower level players are saying its impossible and if I hadn't finished the main story line I could see that. Can't team lava give the lower level guys extra time to complete these like an extra day for every level you are under fifty? I couldn't imagine trying a lot of these things if I wasn't maxed out and nothing else in the game needed my attention. I know some higher level players will protest but we do have the ability to craft alicorns and extra energy. They should have an advantage were all being asked to for fill the same requirements when some of us can do it in days and it's almost impossible for others. It doesn't seem fair