View Full Version : new rock

07-15-14, 07:13 AM
:)Hello Real Friends, I come to here a idea: Really wish I had a rock that left enough COAL to produce lanterns.thanks

08-01-14, 10:00 AM
I'm pulling for SILVER rich rock.

Even lv45+ players request silver?
From an IRRock you get +6 iron,+4 coal, but only 2 silver.... All from 8 chops
And a regular rock outcropping for 20 chops= 1 silver.... Lots of coal tho:)

Everything over lv. 28 or so requires royal blocks and beams, and most quests and upgrades require it in bulk quantity. "foreign objects" almost killed me(LOTS of silver platters, I think 10) and I've never recovered,
I can barely ever make a sweet feast
And yes I have 2 deep, and leveled up sparkling mines

But on a good note, expansions for me are slow but neighbors have pulled together for the wisps.i write on my(or request on neighbor)walls what I need & I keep a handwritten list of received gifts and return them promptly in the order received