View Full Version : Answered Please test your bots for steroid use

07-13-14, 04:17 PM
The shots there making is just too unbelievable

07-14-14, 02:24 PM
Sorry to hear that hounds66, we'll take your feedback and provide it to our development team. Thanks!

07-20-14, 02:23 AM
Well after losing tournament after tournament to bot players the fun has wore off. Deleting game and rating the game on itunes.

07-21-14, 04:32 PM
You have to learn how the bots are playing. Try to put the 8 ball stick on your ball in front of the hole, or put the white ball hidden from every of their balls and they will just play like ***. So you will have the ball in hand and put it where you want to make them play like *** until the end.

07-23-14, 05:30 PM
You are deleting the game because you are not good enough to beat a bot? Part of the challenge is beating a computer player that won't miss. Did you know that the bot doesn't even consider where to leave the ball for his next shot? This is a huge advantage for the human player. Also, if 2 balls are stuck together, the bot will just shoot them full speed and send them in random directions. This means the bot will scratch or sink the 8 ball on accident pretty often. You only lose to the bot when you give him easy shots.

08-01-14, 10:54 PM
Instead i email Mrs. Cursya, (also a bot),
And nothing gets done, although sending itunes MrsCursya's replies has helped in past.