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07-12-14, 06:54 AM
I just saw the thread in discussions about inappropriate words, but strangely enough (I think) it's already closed. So therefore overhere my suggestion:

can the set-up around inappropriate words please be changed....?!

What would help me the most is when I want to enter a message it's explained which word is inappropriate, because I usually I have no clue, and have to write a sentence several times over and over again before it's finally accepted. My max is about ten times before I finally figured out what that forbidden word was.... It really takes all the fun out of talking to my neighbours....

English is not my native language, so I mostly don't understand which word exactly is inappropriate. And when I finally have figured out which word I may not use I really wonder what it means that makes it so inappropriate. No clue again! (glitch: ??)
By the way, even all my english and american neighbours are experiencing the same!

Another thing: of course, it's focused on english, but it's funny how inappropriate words in other languages can be used easily. I've tried it on my wall just to check (and deleted right away, I'm a decent girl)(...).
Even more funny when I write a very honest, serious dutch word like 'staatsexamen' (matriculation / state examination) and I can't get it through cause that's inappropriate.... ?!? LOL!

So please, I understand the wish for keeping walls decent; but at least point out the wrong words! When the computer recognizes an inappropriate word it should be easy to let it show which word that is. It would make our writing messages so much easier and more fun...!

kooky panda
07-12-14, 03:43 PM
The word filter may catch small words that are inside words. If you have word that you feel is not inappropriate you can send an email to support@teamlava.com to report this word.

Discussing inappropriate words on the forum is not acceptable for security reasons. Sometimes member will post to others on how to get around the word filter.