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07-09-14, 12:22 AM
Bingo Rio world games keeps force closing after I select my number of cards. When I try again, I can see that my tickets (or gold for tournaments) has gone down the amount required for my previous choice, yet I never played because it forced closed. I have spent more than 80 tickets (I'm not exactly sure how many) and 1050 coins trying to play. I have read in the app reviews that this has happened to a lot of people over the past week, yet nothing is being done to fix it. So, I came here to ask for help (I tried to report in the bugs forum, but the site said that I wasn't allowed access to that forum for some reason). Can you please fix this before I permanently un install?

kooky panda
07-09-14, 08:02 AM
I moved your thread to the correct forum. Not sure why you could not start a thread here.
Try deleting and reinstalling the game .
Are you playing on an older device?

If so make sure you close out any application running in the background.

07-09-14, 11:52 PM
I have deleted and reinstalled twice. I have closed all apps. I have cleared my cache. It just keeps happening. My device is about 1 year old. If you go to the play store and read the reviews, this is happening to a lot of people. It seems that I am only 1 of 2 people to come here in hopes of a solution, rather than simply giving a bad review. Since there weren't any replies to the app reviews, I figured that they weren't being read and I looked for another way to let someone know of this problem. With the large number of complaints, it has to be a problem with the app. The good reviews are mostly from the day of launch or state something along the lines of 'I just down this...' It worked great the first 1-2 days, then it started closing. I sincerely hope that this can be fixed soon. Thank you for your response.

kooky panda
07-10-14, 06:15 AM
Please send an email to support@sharkparty.com
Be sure and include what specific device you play on.

07-18-14, 01:48 AM
I am amoung the very many also having this problem. Did you ever get a solution? I emailed the link posted but I was just curious as to what to expect if anything.