View Full Version : Answered Missing star Level 231

07-06-14, 05:22 AM
Got 3 stars on level 231 last night only to find just 2 stars there this morning? Help

07-07-14, 10:59 AM
Sorry to hear that, Bubbleizer. It seems like you may have encountered a sync error. This may occur when your device does not save it's progress with our servers and when you access the game, your progress is loaded from the most recent saved progress. In order to prevent this issue, I recommend you maintain a stable connection with your wireless internet and occasionally close the application and re-open it to ensure the progress is saved when you re-open it. If you still encounter any issues, please contact support@teamlava.com so a support agent can take a look into your account. Hope this helps!

07-07-14, 12:07 PM
Not a big deal. Never happened before. Played it again for the three stars. Thanks for your response.