View Full Version : Answered Bug in Level 293

07-05-14, 01:30 PM
Went back to Level 293 on my wife's iPad 2, to get more stars. Encountered a bug, the pictures of which are self-explanatory. Unfortunately did not take a picture when there were 12 moves left.

After 9 moves it worked fine.

07-07-14, 12:16 PM
Hi koetsub.

Did you experienced any lag during game play which caused the purple jewel not to explode right away? Have you also tried force closing all background apps before playing as you have mentioned you are playing on the iPad2.

07-08-14, 07:48 PM
There was no lag; the 5 purple jewels in a column did not explode at all. They stayed there until I made the next move.

This has nothing to do with background apps as it's a moves level.