View Full Version : Design flaws

07-01-14, 12:31 PM
It started with the reindeer stable:
suddenly you introduced buidlings that do not fit the scale of the other (older) ones. That is annoying since it makes them, and therefore more than two thirds of the kingdom, look less important, staler: the whole thing now looks like 2 designers worked on it and put their stuff next to each others without adapting the sizes - its just :mad:

The Gazebo and the faerie respite are just ridiculously different:
don't put them next to the cattle or amphitheater or they will look like hen houses :(
Please take a look at the trunks of your trees, or the fence in front of the farmers houses and compare that with the gazebos planks,.....
*facepalm* as a designer, this angers me!!!!

07-08-14, 09:01 AM
I see what you're saying but hasn't the 'scale' of items always been a bit off?... I mean, look at the size of the people roaming our kingdoms and then look at the size of the doors on their houses lol

If all scales were equivalent to reality, our people and animals would be tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny lol

07-08-14, 04:36 PM
Personally, I like the distortions of scale. It makes me feel so incredibly powerful when I lower my thumb down like a boom upon my iPad to squash those peaky boars and skunks! ��

07-12-14, 02:42 PM
Sua! But the buildings were always too tiny TOGETHAAAA, now there are just some that don't fit anywhere.
And it makes me angry that i have to build so long on the stupid amphitheater and now it looks just like a doghouse next to the Gazebo!!!! Arrrrgh *Gozilla-like stampede*