View Full Version : Lost soccerballs

06-29-14, 05:18 PM
My game was not updated when the World Cup event started. I noticed Saturday June 28 that I was getting soccer balls but no clue why I then discovered the world event. Updated my game it said I had less than 25 soccer balls and I saw the dragon combo soccer all deal so I bought it. I ended up with 100 soccer balls and the ones I already had disappeared. I'm concerned because I didn't start the world event on time so I might not get enough soccer balls for all the individual prizes. I'd this an issue that can be fixed and may I get my soccer balls back?

[S8] Elsa
06-29-14, 05:44 PM
Hi Rednectarbee. Please restart your app and check your game. You're all set now. :)

The Soccer event requires version 1.9.3+ to participate, however, Tournament rewards will drop Soccer Balls for versions below that. So when you update, it doesn't reflect. If this occurs for you, please email support@teamlava.com. Be sure to include your Storm8 ID and let them know you updated and need help with your Soccer Balls.

Since this is a timed event, please PM me your ticket number so we can expedite if necessary. Thanks!