View Full Version : Quest to DL candy mania world games, says game is no longer avail

06-27-14, 01:44 AM
I just received a quest to DL the candy mania: world games app, but each time I've tried I get an error saying the game is no longer available to buy. I was really hoping to be able to do the weekly gold quest, is it true the game is no longer available? Or is my game individually bugged?


06-27-14, 02:42 AM
Happened to me too but I tried again a bit later and it worked. Now my issue is these levels with he soccer balls--they seem unclearable. :(

06-27-14, 09:57 AM
I usually delete these games after having achieved goals, but the Candy Mania is quite nice...of some reason...not sure why, but i like it. Myself i had no issues downloading it, but i never have any problems with anything on my iPad (there we go, if that didn't jinx something.....) :eek:

06-27-14, 12:53 PM
Sorry about that! It looks like there was a temporary issue with Apple's servers and you should be able to find the app now. :)