View Full Version : Keep reducing move or time allowed on game

06-23-14, 10:27 AM
I don't think it's fair to game players they came late to the game. I realize that those first comers to a level of the came can always get more moves or time. But if they can easily pass the level, your development team will reduce the time or the move to make the game hard to be passed. I feel like being penalized. Very soon, I'm afraid I would have to quit playing as I don't see a reason on this! Somehow I feel annoying! I'm on Level 555, it was originally has 55 moves, it is now down to 47. In some rare cases, when the level was set to hard or impossible to complete, your team will add some moves to it. It just happened once where I came across. If you want the user to promote your game, player should feel fun to play the game instead of feeling miserable!!!!!