View Full Version : Adding Another Research Scroll? Milk, eggs even mushrooms??

06-22-14, 10:08 PM
Can there be another research scroll added? even maybe 2. Ones for multiple drops for things like milk, eggs even mushrooms. Mushrooms are needed for so many more things now. from food, trades even potions. These things eat up energy like crazy. It's not like it's small amounts either. When there's 20-30-50 in quantity needed for one item then the drop rate should increase with it.

Is it me or does the previous scrolls seem to be losing steam? Before I can remember after the aquifer scroll the drop rate for the fish and scales dropped way more but now in recent time getting the orange fish seems to be harder then ever. Maybe cause the new fish. But I can remember TL saying that that the scroll for aquifer only applied to orange fish. But they have slowed to a trickle. I dunno.

Maybe if no new scrolls. Maybe increase energy cap. So many more things to craft and collect now.

Ok I'm done rambling. :)