View Full Version : level 65

06-18-14, 09:42 PM
Can't get off of level 65 help!

06-19-14, 08:54 AM
I am by no means a pro but I have made it to 137 (where I have been stuck for several days now). I just did 65 again and along with working on the ones with snow & the tree stumps is to find long runs of 7 or more to get the "bomb" fruit. Also try to brush by a slime as much as you can to keep it from taking over. Remember undoing the snow does not eliminate the slime or add to the count. Sometimes you can see that if you eliminate 3 or 4 in a certain place, it will line up 7 or more of something else so work towards that. Hope it helps a little. :) Also, I find if I just keep doing it over and over, it helps me see the patterns that happen. And, once in a while it just "gives" you a "perfect setup"!!